Skills shortage could lead to food insecurity

12 June

There’s an urgent need to train more scientists in plant breeding to help maintain global food production levels, according to research from Australia’s national science agency. A lack of skilled scientists who specialise in plant breeding could...[Read More]

Energy tsars call for cohesion on ‘enormous transition’

12 June

Australia’s energy tsars have sounded a warning on staying the course on the power network’s decarbonisation, with sustained investment essential nationwide. “Doing nothing is not an option,” Australian Energy Market Operator chief executive...[Read More]

Energy storage sites earmarked to keep the lights on

5 June

Energy storage sites in NSW, Queensland and South Australia are poised to play a critical role in the national electricity market, a developer says. Rok Solid founder and chief executive Daniel Moroko pitched the 1.5 gigawatt portfolio of six prime...[Read More]

Strong pickings as agriculture in for ripe harvest

5 June

Australia’s agriculture, fisheries and forestry production are on track to record their third-highest yield on record after a favourable winter and improved seasonal outlook. The gross value of the industries is expected to jump to $89.5 billion...[Read More]

Shoppers slash emissions by grabbing greener groceries

29 May

Climate-conscious consumers can help slash greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent through choosing more environmentally friendly groceries, according to an Australian study. Analysts calculated the projected emissions of more than 22,000 items...[Read More]

Push to crack open container scheme to boost recycling

29 May

Container deposit schemes should be expanded to include milk, wine and spirit bottles to prevent more waste ending up in waterways. A parliamentary inquiry examining plastic pollution has called for container deposit schemes to be harmonised across...[Read More]

‘Back to the future’ for carbon credit scheme

22 May

Changes to the carbon credit scheme will allow third-party stakeholders to come up with innovative ways to reduce emissions but critics say it could undermine the system. A new proponent-led process will allow projects and methods to be developed...[Read More]

Wombat burrows help other critters survive after fires

22 May

Wombat burrows act as survival boltholes for a surprising array of creatures after bushfires hit, a study suggests. Researchers have analysed camera trap images from NSW’s Woomargama National Park and Woomargama State Forest, where more than...[Read More]

Aussies on ‘La Nina watch’ as dry turns into downpours

15 May

Australia has been put on “La Nina watch” as meteorologists point to a likely cooling Pacific Ocean, which could bring more rain to parts of the country. But the Bureau of Meteorology noted that despite the watch being in place, there was no...[Read More]

Farmers get drought and climate relief amid export ban

15 May

Farmers will have extra tools to manage drought, cut emissions and deal with the mental toll of life on the land, as the federal government seeks to shift the focus away from fury over a ban on live sheep exports. The 2024/25 budget has delivered...[Read More]

Antarctic mission and Great Barrier Reef secure funding

15 May

Australia’s Antarctic Division gets a shot in the arm and a carbon-credit scheme is being revived in this year’s federal budget. The Antarctic program’s main research vessel, RSV Nuyina, will be able to spend more time at sea after $17.6...[Read More]

High steaks: PM launches drought fund at Beef Week

9 May

Farmers will get more support to help prepare for drought, as climate change brings more extended periods of dry. An extra $519.1 million will go into the Commonwealth’s future drought fund to help regional communities get ready for dry times as...[Read More]

Australia could cut global emissions with green metals

9 May

Australia could significantly cut global greenhouse gas emissions and double its export revenue by producing green metals, former competition leader Rod Sims says. But the Superpower Institute chairman also said the forthcoming federal budget would...[Read More]

‘Exciting’: Scientists discover carbon-storing material

2 May

Scientists have hailed the “exciting” discovery of a type of porous material that can store carbon dioxide. The research, published in the journal Nature Synthesis, involved a team led by scientists in Edinburgh creating hollow, cage-like...[Read More]

‘Why not walk?’ Google Maps to roll out green features

25 April

Google Maps will politely pester Australian travellers to take public transport or walk to their destination in one of several of green changes introduced to the service to celebrate Earth Day. Users who still intend to drive to their destination...[Read More]